Comic book artist based/born/raised in brazil, Felipe Cunha (pronounced koo – een – yah). Worked for Dynamite Comics on titles like Flash Gordon, Jungle Jim and Mandrake The Magician. Pinups, pages and other material on books at IDW and Image, covers and short stories on 215 Ink’s Doctor Crowe.

5 issues of the first arc of Delegates, published by ImagineBin through ComiXology.

A creator-owned series at Vault Comics called Cult Classic: Return To Whisper with writer Eliot Rahal (Quantum & Woody, The Doorman), out now on comic shops and everywhere else on single issues and a TPB collecting the whole series.

Currently the artist on Captain Canuck season 5, published by Lev Gleason’s imprint Comic House, formerly known as Chapterhouse.

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Also check out NIC, it’s available to be read in its entirety from the menu on the left.

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